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Why Geckos Adventures?

SMALL GROUPS While most Gecko’s travellers consider themselves independent travellers, sharing the adventure is all part of the fun. Their groups are large enough to remove the hassles of go-it-alone travel, yet small enough to be flexible and enjoyable. The average tour has nine people, with a maximum of sixteen. The exception is Africa, which has a maximum of 24 (18 in West Africa) and an average of 17. Travel outside your normal day-to-day experience can sometimes be confronting, challenging and frustrating, but can also provide the best insight into a distinct culture and people – a surefire way to make you love every minute you’re away from home. GREAT PRICES & GREAT VALUE All the ‘must haves’ and ‘must sees’ combine in each Gecko’s grassroots tour, giving you lots of fun and adventure at a low price. All transport and accommodation is included, as is an experienced local tour guide and some of your meals (in Africa most meals are included). All this adds up to an unforgettable trip at a reasonable price. They give you what you need and what you want at a price that won’t break the bank – go with Gecko’s for adventure at an awesome price. LOCAL PAYMENTS Gecko''s has local payments for all Africa, Middle East, India and Nepal tours. The local payment is the final part of your overall tour cost. It covers expenses along the way and can include such things as additional guides, site and park entrance fees, some meals and some forms of transport and accommodation. There can be times when the things we do and the places we stay are in remote areas so paying locally is the best option for everyone. In Africa, the local payment covers your food and most game park admissions. In India and the Middle East it pays for train tickets and entrance fees. In Nepal, our Sherpas and porters are paid with the local payment. Local payments allow Gecko''s to provide you with a cheaper tour and also give you a bit more time to save for your adventure. The local payment is paid in cash to your leader on Day 1 of your tour (although some multi-country tours require a second payment, please see trip notes for details). LOCAL TOUR GUIDES Local tour guides are the grassroots of Gecko’s grassroots adventures. Gecko’s travellers come back time and again for the knowledge, passion and personality of our leaders. Born and raised in the regions they travel through, their leaders have strong connections with local communities and a great understanding of your culture as much as their own. They can translate cultural sensitivities as well as menus, and share with you experiences beyond what you might find on your own, or with a guide from your own country. WHERE DO YOU STAY Gecko’s specialises in small, great value, family-run places that are not overrun with tourists, yet are close to the action. Thye think these are the best places to stay and the money paid for your room goes, as much as possible, back to local people. In remote areas, your accommodation will be basic; family homestays are a long way from 5-star comfort, but they provide an amazing opportunity to interact with villagers and understand their way of life. In Africa, most nights are spent camping. They provide large dome tents, foam mattresses, camp chairs and lots of camp gear to make your stay comfortable. In Southern Africa, most of the camp sites are well equipped, while in East Africa, they are a little more basic; the negatives, however, are far outweighed by the remarkable settings and wildlife. Galapagos voyages are aboard the MYDarwin, a 16-berth vessel rated ‘Tourist Superior’. GETTING AROUND. As a general rule, Gecko’s utilises local transport – you’ll feel like you’re amongst a culture, not just a visitor looking in. They like to travel on buses, bikes, fishing boats, trains, rafts and canoes. Of course, sometimes local transport is just not practical – they also use their own vehicles to get around. In Africa, they use a fleet of custom-built, purpose-specific safari vehicles. As Gecko''s spend a fair amount of time looking for wildlife, the vehicles’ design enables great viewing as well as a comfortable ride. TRAVELLING ON YOUR OWN Gecko''s understand that travelling on your own to far away destinations and experiencing different cultures can be daunting. That’s why Gecko’s is the best way to enjoy travelling – with a bunch of like-minded friends, safe and secure with immediate help at hand. Usually you’ll be sharing your room with a travelling companion of the same gender – making friends is always a fun part of the experience. As long as you''re happy to share, Gecko''s won''t charge you any extra for travelling on your own. TRAVELLING RESPONSIBLY Travelling responsibly is really important to Gecko’s. By minimising the negative impacts of travel and maximising the benefits to the regions Gecko''s travel through: Gecko''s work with ethical service providers, employ locals and use locally owned lodgings; they help with grassroots projects and charities with services and funds through the Gecko’s Community Trust; and offset our carbon emissions with gold-standard schemes for both trips and the wider organisation. ', 0, 1), (69, 62, 'tour_category', 'GO SOMEWHERE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE! Because Peregrine know it''s not just about great itineraries, small group sizes and comfortable boutique accommodation; it''s the memories you make along the way. Take the hassle out of planning your next trip, and leave it to Peregrine. They''ve spent 30 years scouring the globe for the best things to see and do in each country, and can''t wait to share it all with you. Their English speaking, local leaders have an unbeatable insight into each destination, taking you right to the heart of their hometown. When you experience the world with Peregrine, They take you off the beaten track during the day then home to plenty of creature comforts at night thanks to 3 and 4 Star accommodation. English-speaking local leaders help you unlock the secrets of each destination, and you''ll benefit from their years of expertise.
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